How to Deal With Emotions during Pregnancy

Many independent, strong and in control women when once fall pregnant are subjected to experience sudden random emotional outbursts of crying or anger. These in changes in the mood are mostly attributed to hormones which cause fatigue and stress during pregnancy.

Everyone reacts to such changes differently. Some of the pregnant women may experience intense emotions either negative or positive. Others might feel anxious or depressed. Most moms-to-be find that these emotional changes happen around 6-10 weeks and get better in the second trimester. But then reappears as their due date gets nearer.

The first step to cope with the emotional changes is to realize that your emotions aren’t in your control.Here listed are some ways to control emotions during pregnancy.

1.     Make Sure to Get Enough Rest

This one is the most important be kind to yourself, get some sleep. A well-rested mind ensures that you will be able to handle yourself better in tricky situations. This can often prove to be a difficult one for moms that are busy or have older children to take care of. It may sound convenient to stay up late and get everything done but this can prove to be stressful for the body that is already under incredible strain.

The utmost priority should be to make sure that your body’s resting needs are met with. This will ensure the maintenance of your energy levels as well minimizing the physical pregnancy discomforts.

2.     Follow Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Make sure to keep food with you at all times. One way to incite emotional changes is to let you get hungry. Try to follow a pregnancy diet get more green leafy vegetables along with carbohydrate and proteins in your diet. Opt for having fresh fruits and salads in between meals instead of sugar, chocolates, and caffeine that might incite moodiness.


3.     Get Some Exercise

Exercising releases endorphins that boost up your mood and helps in anger management. Try to follow an exercise regime; you will notice an improvement in your energy levels as well as it can help in mitigating problems such as constipation, breathlessness, and backache. Aim for recharging activities such as doing 20 to 30 minutes of walking or mild physical exercise or even some yoga can help cope with the grumpiness or weepiness you might be going through.

4.     Love Yourself

Be kind to yourself, if you feel like crying then let yourself cry. You will feel a lot better if you do not hide your emotions and let them play out. Have plans and meet up with other moms-to-be, there may be others that might be going through a similar phase as you. Talk about your problems; make sure to communicate with others. Do things that make you laugh or smile, go out for dinner, dress up or watch a comedy movie. Make it your goal to pamper yourself once a week the least.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that being pregnant is the most exciting thing but it can also be very stressful. It can cause emotions to run wild, it is best for women to acknowledge what they are feeling and going through find comfort in talking about these emotions. Implement these tips and make sure to focus and think of the joy being a part of your life, this would also help in coping with the temporary emotional challenges.

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