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I like beautiful and simple baby clothes. I do not support excessive numbers, the abundance of sparkles and glitter, false prints and horrible inscriptions in a broken English. If I have time and patience to chase, either physically or virtually clothes stores, I find some more special clothes that I might not find in my original stores. For example, I’m now looking for white, good quality shirts to wear on the uniform next year for my child. The thin shirts like the sheet of paper I’ve seen in school clothes shops are not my style.

If you have a small baby, you will buy for sure cute baby clothes. The body that he wear first, touching his skin will be cotton to breathe his skin. Otherwise, you can get it raised at the beginning, it depends on the temperature in the house. I in the first half month I kept him in full body and the thin cap, and now has already grown and keep it in the body cotton and trousers, capped only after the bath.

Most parents go shopping or buy online children’s clothes or matching family outfits without having a budget in mind. Most of the time, at the end of the day, they realize they have bought too many children’s clothes. They do not emphasize the quality of the materials, but let them be fascinated by the models of children’s clothes that the stores display in store windows. It is perhaps the biggest mistake parents make, because later they will face the difficulty of changing the baby with the irritation of the baby’s skin but also with the simple discomfort of the little one who will not gather teeth just because these baby clothes are trendy. It just will not wear them anymore. Another mistake for parents is the purchase of children’s clothes that are not machine washable, so they need manual washing or are very hard to iron. Both require time and patience – two things that are completely lacking in a family with children.

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